My Role: UX Research, Product Design, Prototyping

Client: AltSchool Africa

Project Type: Web Application, Mobile Responsive

Sector: Edtech

Project 1


AltSchool Africa is an alternative school that provides majorly tech skills to people looking to break into the tech industry. They had the need to improve their user experience, add more product offerings and make the design aesthetically pleasing.

My Role: UX Research & Design, Product Management

Client: Berry Health

Project Type: Web Application, Mobile Responsive

Sector: Health tech

Project 2

PROVIDING Cost-Effective healthcare TO THE stigmatized and underserved

As a part of the Berry Health team, I assumed multiple roles to ensure successful results for the African market. This project was geared towards addressing medical issues that are chronic, urgent, stigmatized, and underserved.

My Role: Product Design, Prototyping, UX Research

Client: Gameburo

Project Type: Mobile Application, Admin Dashboard

Sector: Gaming & Gambling

Project 3

Creating an income source through leisure activities

Gameburo is an exciting virtual board gaming and betting platform that allows both players and viewers to earn money through betting on games. As the product designer for the mobile app, website and web admin dashboard, I had the pleasure of crafting an experience that made it easier for users to make bets and win money.

My Role: Product Design, Prototyping

Client: NNPC Nigeria

Project Type: Desktop, Admin Dashboard

Sector: Oil & Gas

Project 4


I had the privilege of collaborating with developers to help the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) track and monitor the movement of fuel across their stations throughout the country, as well as the distribution of fuel from one vessel to different stations. My prototyping expertise was essential in ensuring the success of this project.

My Role: UX Research & Design, Prototyping, Testing

Client: Personal

Project Type: Mobile Application

Sector: Social Media

Project 5

CUSTOMIZING notifications to USER’S interest and CATEGORIZING user profileS

I redesigned the user experience of using the notification feature on Twitter, as well as sorted the content on a user’s profile into categories which makes it easier to find information on that particular profile.

Core tools I use to solve problems through design


For design and prototyping of UI for mobile and web applications in a collaborative manner


For project & product management, and collaborating with the team to get our projects across the finish line.


For design and prototyping of UI for mobile and web applications in a collaborative manner


For note-taking, managing & tracking work progress, and organizing project details & ideas


For brainstorming as a team, planning and managing agile workflows. Makes working together effective


For bringing people together to work as one unified team, which enhances how organizations communicate


For conducting usability testing. It’s a user testing platform that uses your clickable prototype to get actionable insights from real users.


For tracking and understanding how the users use a particular product. Helps to design products that resonate with customers

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