Gameburo is an innovative virtual board gaming and betting platform that allows players to play exciting games and win real money. You can join real-time tournaments and compete against other players to win cash prizes.

My Role
Product Designer
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Project Duration
6 months (2022)
Mobile App
Admin Dashboard
Compete against other players on exciting games and earn extra cash on your wins

With the unique blend of classic board games and thrilling betting opportunities, one can enjoy an entertaining and rewarding gaming experience. Viewers can also bet and win on third-party games being played, and users can as well take on a challenging AI opponent, without the option to place bets.


The ultimate goal of the product is to create an exciting virtual board gaming and betting platform, where bettors have more options to place bets beyond traditional sports, and to make playing mobile games more thrilling and enjoyable. The platform will provide an engaging and interactive experience, allowing users to take their gaming and betting to the next level.


Using the design thinking methodology, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of my target users and create an interactive prototype for placing bets on mobile board games. Through this process, I was able to identify the key features needed to create an intuitive and engaging user experience. With this prototype, I was able to test and refine the user experience, ensuring an optimal result.

Two players can stake an amount of their choosing on an upcoming game, and the winner walks away with the full pot

Other users can also get in on the action by betting on upcoming third-party games

Precise and concise game history to help bettors make informed decisions, increasing their chances of winning.

Target Users

The app is primarily targeted at young men and women between the age of 20 and 40. The statistics says there are roughly 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 who are involved in active sports betting.

Gathering Insights

 I conducted user surveys and interviews to prove my hypothesis and get an overview of users’ perspectives as well as gain user insights. The questions were based on their familiarity with mobile games, their betting practices and to get an overview of the competitors the app might have.

93% of my audience were male

60% of the users bet on a regular

Most bet for the financial rewards associated with their wager, while some seek out the entertainment value of placing a bet.

The users won’t mind having another form of games they can bet on

The users choose to use the sites they do because of the simple interface, cool colours, easy navigation, and seamless deposit and withdrawal methods.

Alternatives exploration

I conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis of leading mobile games which also offer wagering opportunities. This enabled me to observe how these games tackled similar issues, and apply similar ideas to my own. I interacted with several of these apps to gain a better understanding of what had been done successfully, and how it matched my own understanding of why or how it had been done. Additionally, I used the insights gained to draw inspiration and inform my own design decisions.

Feature prioritization

An impact-effort matrix was created early in the project to help with feature prioritization and provide a basic version of the mobile application. To ensure that the core features were identified and prioritized correctly, I combined the competitive analysis data and personas that helped us to create an optimal MVP with the most important features including functionality, usability, and reliability.

I used hand sketches to help guide the process of creating high-fidelity designs. This allowed me to quickly and accurately capture my ideas, while also making sure that design decisions were based on thoughtful consideration.

Final Designs

I quickly got to work producing attractive visuals, adhering to the brand’s color scheme and style guide, for the mobile app. From creating high-quality graphics to following through on detailed design specifications, I brought the application to life. Here are just some of the features of the app:


Host any board game with ease! Simply select whether you’d like to make a bet, choose your opponent, set the stake amount (if applicable), and customize any other parameters. Once you’re done, the game will be hosted on our platform and ready to play.


Ready to join a game? After a game has been hosted, you can choose to search through the hosted games and join the one that appeals to you, or you can let the system pair you up with another player based on the parameters you specify. Voila, you’re ready to play!


Challenge your friends to a game and invite them to join the platform. You can also challenge existing friends and they will receive the request on their end. Manage your friend requests however you want – accept or decline them – and battle it out with your friends!


Manage your coin transactions easily and securely with the wallet. Withdraw funds at your convenience and top up your wallet when the balance is low. Enjoying complete control over your transactions


View all your bets in one place on the app. See hosted bets that have yet to be joined, open bets that are currently being played, to already settled bets – you can check your winnings and losses in one go.


Even though this was my second project in designing for a betting app, it was my first attempt at mobile games, and there was lots of new stuff to learn from. I had to put lots of UI skills into this as the goal is to first captivate our user’s attention with beautiful and enticing interfaces. The project is currently in development and will soon be released for the world to see the amazing work the team and I did.

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