Hello there 👋
It’s a pleasure to meet you.
My name is Mofoluwaso, but I typically go by Foluso
Pronounced /pho-lu-sure/

About me

Friendly and enthusiastic with a positive outlook on life. I’m a hardworking lady, determined to use my creativity and compassion to impact the work I do. I am also highly flexible and eager to take on new responsibilities in order to expand my knowledge and develop myself further. In all that I do, I aim to bring joy and positivity to those around me.

With my Biochemistry degree and experience as a medical lab technician, I bring a unique perspective to the technology sector. My diverse background, which extends beyond computer and technology, has been invaluable in promoting a more inclusive work environment and providing a fresh outlook during brainstorming sessions and idea generation. As a result, any team I join is able to consider a wider range of perspectives and come up with more innovative solutions.

What I do in my free time?

In addition to my design work, I am an avid reader and book enthusiast. I have a keen sense of humor and believe in the power of laughter, which is why I have built a following on WhatsApp for my hilarious memes. Not only do they help others destress after a long day, but they have also earned me the reputation as the office jester. I also offer my face as a canvas for makeup artists to display their artistry. Music is a constant source of inspiration, and I enjoy exploring new genres and artists. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, I make sure to drink plenty of water and mind my own business.

On my bucket list

Solo vacation out of my continent

Fly in a private jet

Earn 7 figures per year

Travel to Zanzibar Island

Speak at a conference

Live one month without a smart phone

Skydive in Hawaii

Learn a new language
Attend a paid concert
Learn to play chess
Do a 5K hours of volunteer work
Dye my hair a wild colour

Books that had a significant impact on me

It’s worth trying them if you haven’t already done so

Got a project idea? Let’s talk

I am available for both full-time and contract roles as well as freelance projects. Get in touch with me today and let’s discuss how I can help you achieve success. Thank you for your time and consideration!